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Hijabi Chic': Blogger Mixes Modesty with Style

Originally, the following story was published on NBC News on January 29, 2016.

Blogger Mixes Modesty with Style

While pursuing an undergraduate degree in journalism and a minor in Middle Eastern studies, Hassanah El-Yacoubi considered fashion a hobby during her time at George Mason University. She launched her blog, known then as PFH: Perfect For Hijabis, with the goal of providing Muslim women with tips on how to incorporate the hijab into modern style.

These days, fashion and blogging are more than just hobbies for El-Yacoubi, who has since changed the name of her blog to PFH: Perfect For Her in order to speak to a larger group of women who choose to dress in a more modest fashion.

“I felt a tremendous sense of obligation to do my part in representing what it meant to be both Muslim and modern,” El-Yacoubi told NBC News about her blog, which highlights everything from modest fashion trends to food to her personal global travels.

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